Membership Overview

Membership in The Chemists’ Club is offered to all who are interested in the sciences, particularly the chemical sciences, whether professionals or enthusiastic amateurs and in academe, research, development, sales, law, finance or administration. Applications are reviewed by the Board promptly.

The cost of professional membership in The Chemists’ Club is $100 per year. Benefits include:

  • Discounted rates at all Club sponsored events, tours, galas etc..  The Chemists’ Club membership offers savings that more than pay for the cost of dues.
  • Networking and career development opportunities with other industry and related professionals
  • Membership creates a framework which helps advance chemical and related science opportunities for the individual and the professions
  • Reciprocity with Club Quarters, a renowned club network with an international assemblage of venues, all with premiere services
  • All members are also eligible for full membership in The Penn Club at resident rates. The Penn Club is among the most outstanding private clubs in the world and has complete facilities for the professional
  • For an additional annual subscription of $300, members may also enjoy our affiliated 3West Club at 3 West 51st Street, adjacent to Rockefeller Center and across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Historically, as now, a certain quality of interaction and bonding with fellow members in all the events may well be the single best benefit of joining the club
The Chemists’ Club is a non-profit organization institution and the base subscription is tax deductible; the additional fees may also be deductible depending on individual circumstances.

Categories of Membership


For individuals who have been affiliated with the chemical or related fields for some time, with a higher level of experience

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For those individuals who are no longer in school and who are in the early stages of their careers

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For those who are currently enrolled in chemical or related fields at colleges and universities in the tri-state area
Membership in this category is coursed through a student chapter in their school
*There is no membership fee in this category

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