#Harvey Heroes: Promise Rose’s Art of Life

Regaining a sense of normalcy and managing the after effects of a traumatic event would be challenging for any person, but the toll of Hurricane Harvey created a unique and critical need to support the state’s foster care children, families and organizations that work with these at-risk youth and families.

If you only look with your eyes, Houston, Beaumont and the Texas Gulf Coast appear healed, largely put back together physically, but there is an emotional toll that is more lasting.

The emotional and behavioral impact after surviving a natural disaster the sheer size and scope of Hurricane Harvey is extensive. That’s why The Texas Center for Child and Family Studies’ Healing from Harvey Rebuild Texas Fund grants are so important.

The monies from Healing from Harvey are helping organizations like Promise Rose address post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression through truly innovative, holistic models of care and treatment. There’s a practical benefit to Promise Rose’s program, too. It’s equipping its participants with the skills, confidence and vision they need to pursue successful careers in the future.

Promise Rose’s Art of Life program is designed to tap into kids’ gifts. Program director Donte Abram explained, “Our Art of Life program is designed to bring different artists and types of work into different points of view. Life is about art. There is art in everything we do.”

From street art to DJ, photography to fashion and dance, and wildlife to cinematography, the Art of Life program is designed to help kids better cope with daily stress through art and cultural programming. It’s also about introducing them to long-term careers and areas of further study, reducing the likelihood that members of this vulnerable population will end up homeless or incarcerated.

Promise Rose’s work also connects these young people with their community, introducing them to artists and experts in their respective fields, who in turn also share their own personal stories of overcoming trauma, stress, abuse and neglect in their own lives.

Each program area has enrolled anywhere from 13 – 30 students, allowing these children to explore therapy and coping measures through their art and creativity. More than 71 percent of participants say the Art of Life program has helped them realize a useful long-term solution to help resolve or overcome barriers that the trauma of Hurricane Harvey caused in their lives.

The Art of Life is transforming lives, and we’re grateful for Promise Rose’s efforts. Promise Rose and its programming are Harvey Heroes.