A Guide to Increasing Your Reach on Facebook

A Guide to Increasing Your Reach on Facebook  

Facebook is a global social platform that billions of people use daily to connect and engage with their families, friends, and communities. Specifically for TACFSFacebook has been incorporated into our goals to elevate the issues, research, work, stories, and events surrounding our constantly changing field of serving children and youth.  Our hope is that these tips will help you to dive into 2019 with a few new ideas up your sleeve to elevate your social media presence! 

It is important to note that Facebook’s algorithm shifts on a frequent basis. Our favorite resource used to check in on these updates is Sprout Social- a team of social media experts that provides social solutions and strategies. Our team understands the necessity of providing for the well-being of the children, youth and families in your care, and the limited funds that leaves available to grow your organization’s social media footprint. This is why implementing “organic”(or “free”) reach strategies around Facebook’s algorithm is so important.   

As a non-profit organization, we have found the following ways to increase our organic reach by 389.4% in the past 6 months.  

1) Videos Videos Videos  

The 2018 Facebook algorithm loves videos. The ability of videos to go VIRAL in a matter of moments is part of what truly makes digital engagement so unique. People are inspired by the authenticity of a brand or mission that is so clearly communicated by a video’s testimonial, background music, or b-roll (video footage of your youth and families). For best results on Facebook, we recommend creating and posting videos less than 90 seconds. As many of you have already discovered through your own video explorations, the response a video can have on our surrounding communities is undeniably impactful and is sure to help us accelerate our missions moving forward. The work of each of our members is beyond inspiring, and videos are a modern way to share your organization’s individual efforts that uniquely impact positive change in child welfare. If you are curious about implementing videos into your social strategy this 2019, or if you'd like to learn best practices for re-purposing your existing videos, you can sign up for notifications through Sprout Social's, Always Up-to-Date Social Media Video Specs blog. 

2) Tag everything and everyone you can!   

With every post, there is almost always an opportunity to make a “smart tag.” A great example of a “smart tag” is sharing articles and news releases while remembering to tag the respective newspaper, radio or TV agency. This tactic is especially effective when the agency tagged has a large following or a similar target audience. For example, our organization often tags DFPS, our state partner in many of our work endeavors, who has a following of 20,000. Tagging your location is another easy way to increase your reach via a “smart tag.”   

3) Solidify social media partners  

Because the TACFS’s organizations serve children, youth and families across the entire state in a variety of ways, we as a team, have access to a network of thousands of partners in child welfare through social media. A great way to strengthen this niche network of support is to create a simple smart social strategy of consistently sharing each other's content. To read a more in depth break down of this strategy check out #9 on this blog written by Neil Patel (a friend of Sprout Social). 

4) Live it up on Facebook Live!   

Perhaps the most fun tool added to Facebook in 2016  is the ability of our pages to “Go Live” in an instant. “Going Live” is especially effective in increasing reach because every follower online in that moment will receive a notification that you are “Live” with the option to tune into your video! Increasing video views through Facebook Live will often lead to followers sharing your video, spiraling your engagement rate up on the Facebook algorithm, and inevitably increasing your reach. 

The purpose of all the tactics described above is to increase “engagement” of social media users which will ultimately increase organizational reach. Video views, “smart tags,” Facebook “shares”, and Facebook Live are a just a few ways to immediately start spreading the incredible work of your organization for FREE! 

Curious to learn more? To access an in depth list of how to increase your organic Facebook reach this year, click here.  And, as always, if you need any help – just give TACFS a call or reach out to our Member Services Coordinator:  Jenn Vigh (jvigh@tacfs.org)