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October 2020 President's Message

Resilience. Response. Recovery.

Change is hard. Even when we want to change, when we want to adopt healthier eating, better exercise routines or consistent sleep schedules, we fall back into past behaviors. Our brain is disinclined to accept and adopt change. It‘s why we ignore commitments we make to ourselves in exchange for doing what is more comfortable. It‘s also why we regard the past fondly and long for the way things used to be.

However, when the past was our present, we didn‘t recognize the same value we now place in it. We didn‘t know then how much things were going to change. Despite the unprecedented impact to our industry and the desire to return to ’normal‘, we must move forward. We have no other option. This year, the IAWA 32nd Annual Conference will be a virtual opportunity to hear from leaders around the world on how we create our future by what we choose to do now as well as how we adapt to the ever-changing environment.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to enjoy on-demand panels starting on 14 October. Then on 15 October, we will begin our interactive program with Asia. Throughout the day the program will move around the world, hearing from regional leaders who will discuss timely industry topics such as inclusion, technology challenges, commercial human space flight, industry challenges, and leadership development. Our keynote speakers will focus on the industry‘s Resilience, Response and Recovery to the impact of COVID-19. There will also be opportunities to participate in virtual networking and mentoring. Further, the content will be available for 30 days post conference in case you miss something.

IAWA‘s mission is to Connect, Inspire, and Lead in our industry. One of the most sustaining actions we can take in times of uncertainty is to build and strengthen our networks. The IAWA 32nd Annual Conference will be a unique opportunity to renew old friendships, connect with someone you‘ve admired, and reach out to those needing support. Each time we come together, we are given a chance to make a difference. Every life we impact, impacts our own. As Maya Angelou said: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

As tough as it is, if we embrace the change we‘re experiencing, we will grow. It can be a pivot point not only for our industry but to ensure we are personally relevant now and in the future. Join us for these conversations and more on 14 and 15 October!

Take care and be well!