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A Message from IAWA President, Alina Nassar

Countless studies from international organizations and private entities have evidenced how relegated women are in the global economy: from participation in the formal economy to ascension into leadership positions. In spite of aviation’s intrinsic dynamism and the speed at which it evolves technologically, the industry remains behind others in promoting female participation, and in encouraging and inspiring women to pursue executive roles. Those studies have also demonstrated the positive impact of increased female participation in the global economy, including increasing the GDP of nations, and how including women in corporate leadership benefits company culture, innovation, performance and productivity, to name only a few. IAWA plays an active role in this space.  

IAWA’s leadership role of promoting women in aviation and aerospace continues to be recognized globally, as we create awareness and take action for an equal industry, where opportunities to develop a career, and to advance in the industry are available to all regardless of gender, or criterion other than talent. IAWA’s programs to develop the next generation of industry leaders are also designed to change the status quo. The conversations held at the IATA AGM last week in Sydney are not the first addressing gender parity as fundamental to aviation’s development, sustainability and continuity. ICAO has also committed to achieve gender parity in the industry, consistent with the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (ICAO’s Resolution A39-30 “Gender Equality Programme Promoting the Participation of Women in the Global Aviation Sector”), among other efforts at international, national and corporate levels. 

Finally, IAWA supports the efforts of other organizations advocating for equality in the industry, among them ICAO’s Global Aviation Gender Summit to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, August 8-10.

IAWA will continue to actively participate in conversations on this topic and will offer its leaders’ experience as drivers of change. However, broad-reaching affects will only be felt as everyone in aviation does his or her part to encourage and empower women in this industry. We welcome others’ insight and support in making an impact.

 IAWA is a non-profit association providing a worldwide network dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in the aviation and aerospace industries at all levels across the globe. IAWA sponsors informative meetings, hosts receptions and connects, publishes newsletters, and keeps its members updated on the latest industry developments.