Judge Grants Temporary Injunction Blocking Enforcement of Trans Healthcare Ban, Citing Health Professional Associations' Brief

On May 13, a federal judge in Alabama granted a temporary injunction blocking enforcement of the new state law prohibiting gender-affirming care.

GLMA applauds this decision, which is a tremendous relief for Alabama trans youth, their families and clinicians who provide gender-affirming care. In his ruling, the judge cited the amicus brief that GLMA joined along with 20+ other medical associations in his ruling: “…the uncontradicted record evidence is that at least twenty-two major medical associations in the United States endorse transitioning medications as well-established, evidence-based treatments for gender dysphoria in minors.”

Healthcare providers should not have to choose between prison and providing medically necessary, evidence-based, lifesaving healthcare for their patients—youth who are counting on them for care. Click here to read the full health professional association brief.