DataTribe launches Cyber Town, USA, at Port Covington

DataTribe is excited to announced that we will move our entire cybersecurity and data science startup-building operation to Port Covington, Maryland in 2021, to help create the world’s largest cybersecurity hub. In keeping with this announcement, DataTribe is working in partnership with Allegis Cyber in Silicon Valley, the Maryland Commerce Department, Port Covington, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs to build out Maryland’s world class “Nation State” cybersecurity talent and resources into the largest cybersecurity hub in the world. Up to 30 commercial cyber companies are expected to move into the space as it opens, creating the ground zero for our nations commercial cybersecurity ecosystem.

Why Port Covington?
It makes sense. Port Covington is located in the midst of the country’s deepest reservoir of offensive and defensive engineering talent. Port Covington is one of the largest Opportunity Zone urban revitalization projects in the United States, and provides the ideal waterfront location to build an entire small city of cybersecurity and data science innovation. The project will result in a vibrant 24/7 mixed-use waterfront area and community with inspiring architecture and design, grounded in Baltimore’s industrial past and manifesting its spirit of innovation.
“Port Covington will become home to Cyber Town, USA as a leading technology hub not only for entrepreneurs and engineering talent, but also for the resources necessary for them to be successful. DataTribe will continue to build on this rich ecosystem for commercial cybersecurity and data science companies at Port Covington,” – Mike Janke, Co-founder, DataTribe
“With Maryland’s highly talented workforce, cutting-edge research institutions, and more and more innovative companies locating here each year, no state is better equipped or better positioned to be the cyber and innovation capital of our nation. This new development at Port Covington will further spur development of cyber companies, bringing much-needed jobs, capital investment, and business opportunities to Baltimore City and our state.” -Governor Larry Hogan
“As an organization committed to the health and vitality of the Baltimore region as well as a major employer of cybersecurity professionals, Port Covington’s announcement is something to celebrate. Every day we see the increasing demand for cyber talent – within our own organization and our clients – so making Baltimore City a concentrated hub for cyber companies and top cyber professionals is what the business community and regional economy needs.” Ed Nevin, Baltimore managing partner at Deloitte LLP

Maryland: Where Cyber Works
In tandem with our involvement in Port Covington, DataTribe has launched a new website Maryland: Where Cyber Works, positioning Maryland as a world class cybersecurity hub rivaling Silicon Valley in its scope of engineering talent and resources.
“Maryland already leads the US in cyber employment for classified Nation State jobs, and the US government is investing billions of dollars annually in the development of groundbreaking technologies to prevent Nation State attacks. There is a groundswell of innovation in certain deep technology disciplines taking place within government labs, producing cutting edge technology with enormous commercialization potential. DataTribe and AllegisCyber will continue to take those advanced world-class data science capabilities and cyber expertise and productize it for the global commercial market and defense industry.” – Bob Ackerman,  founder and managing director of AllegisCyber

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Samantha Conklin