2019 John Newbery Award Winning Author, Meg Medina Coming to OELMA 2019 by Liz Deskins

I am so excited the OELMA has invited Meg Medina, Cuban American author, for this year’s conference!! Her way of allowing us to look through the eyes of the Latinx culture helps to fill the need for more, quality diverse books.  Medina has the ability to share not only Latinx culture, but that of one living in two worlds at the same time.
Of her 6 books, my favorite is the YA title Yaqui Delgado wants to Kick Your Ass.  The title alone engenders interest during a book talk! But it is a realistic story about a girl who is forced to move to a new school which is drastically different from the one she left.  The Reader watches the effect of prolonged bullying which is gripping; and celebrates as self-esteem and confidence is wrestled back.
Meg Medina truly has the writing gift of great storytelling, you and your students will engage with the powerful characters, and the messages contained will resonate with them long after the book is over. She is a speaker you don’t want to miss.
This is an author with something for everyone.